Household pests commonly include ants, flies, carpet beetles, cockroaches, moths, bugs and rodents to name a few. These pests are almost always a nuisance to most households as they are not wanted and cause wreck and havoc in your house. Similarly, gardens may be subject to unwanted moths, mites, caterpillars and rodents. Here, you are given a few steps on how to get rid of them if you have them in your garden or house.Identifying the type of pest

While most of the preventative methods for pests can be similar, it is important to focus on the external environment during the removal of these pests as each may differ. Termite treatment at Gold Coast are often conducted before the removal process for this specific reason. For example; it is compulsory to remove certain foods like a ripe melon for fruit flies. Next it is important to vacuum carpets for fleas or small bugs depending on the type of pest. One of the foremost actions is to remove any stagnant, standing water as insects and other rodents need water to survive.

Foods usually attract pests and different types of pests are attracted to different types of foods. Fruit flies for example are drawn towards fruit flies, moths to unsealed grains, flies and cockroaches to anything that is edible and left lying anywhere. Pest inspections in Gold Coast often send technicians or specialists to inspect the premises before they decide on the course of action that needs to be taken to get rid of pests. Most advise to keep the environment as clean as possible, however some pests are just drawn towards homes and gardens as they usually contain foods and water.

Keeping the house clean is vital in order to stop or minimize the pests that are attracted to the household. Keeping the house clutter free will remove any hiding places for such pests and will also remove any eggs that have been laid. Vacuum the house regularly, and if you have a pet, make sure to comb and wash your pet frequently. Any fleas that it may have will need to be controlled with medication. Make sure all appliances are cleaned and wiped dry.

Pests usually enter your home through windows, doors and cracks in floorboards or walls. Properly sealing them or closing them will prevent such pests from entering in your house. Use silicone caulk to seal any cracks or crevices while screens can be placed in front of heating or cooling vents.

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