Why Handmade Alcoholic Drinks Are Better Than Branded One?

Posted on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 at 1:01 am

“When I planned my anniversary party, I wanted to serve my guest a drink, which remains in their mind forever. I searched a lot and came across to a number of wines of different flavors and texture. But, I was not convinced with it, because, most of the guests whom I invited in the party didn’t like wine much.

Then I got to know about the handmade alcoholic drinks. It is not like I heard about this drink for the first time, but yes, the thought of serving it to my guest came to me for the first time. I planned it and served my guest the same in different flavor.

You won’t believe the kind of response I got from them, it was amazing! Everyone who loves beer came to me and said these words. The handmade beer made my party and me a Rockstar on that day.”

“May be the guests whom I invited to the party, would have had it earlier as well, because this is not something, which is my personal creation, they still liked it a lot. After, much brainstorming, I got to know why it happened.”

The reason was surprised, my guests did not expect, that they will be served the handmade beers and that too in such a manner. Normally, people do not serve this at parties, presuming that it would be risky as there are both the chances present; people may like or may not.

However, when it comes to serving the handmade alcoholic drinks, these are some of the factors that give it an edge over branded drinks.


The handmade drinks are available in a large number of flavors, on the contrary, the branded beers are available in single or one or two flavors. It does not have that extensive range of flavor as the hand crafted beer has.

Exclusive way of serving

The handmade beer is served in a specified way in an optimum quantity and at a specific temperature. This makes it a more formal and partying beverage. When it is served in a specific glass it gives the drink a nice look.

Different color and texture

The handmade beers have different colors and texture. The flavor of each beer will have a specified color and texture. This makes it more appealing and experimental. 

Other than this, there are many more factors present, which make the crafted beer more interesting for guest. To know more about the crafted beer or to buy craft beer, one can contact the manufacturer of this beer or attend the crafted beer events.

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