When you open up a new business overseas there is always the challenge of you trying to attract customers to the businesses as this is all very new to them as much as it is to you. However if your business is to sustain itself correctly you need to make sure that you take certain measures. Here are some tips that might help you out.

 Announce it out loud

What is the first step of that should happen once the legalities are completed such as your offshore company incorporation? Publish an announcement in the local newspaper to let people know that you are opening up in their locality. Make sure to stress on the most important details. For example if you know without any doubt that you are the only business in the locality to offer a certain kind of product mention all of that. Also make sure to mention any awards that your business has won. Next make sure that people are invited to join the opening and say that there will be free refreshments, raffle draws and offers that customers can make use of.

 Advertise correctly

Next, if your well known corporate governance services HK have been completed and you have everything that you need by law to do the same, advertise on all the local directories and newspapers. If there are places that people in the community frequently gather to like the community sports stadium, see if you have the permission to advertise there. See if you can take part in some fund raising opportunities with locally acknowledged establishments like schools. See if you can work with the local radio station to try and get a slot in or better, sponsor something like the weather reports, news or the reports about local traffic.

 Be committed to the community

Hosting various charitable and philanthropic events is a great way in which you can let the community know that you would like to give back to them and that you are committed to your cause as well. If there are any donation projects going on, allocate some space in your business premises so that people can use it as a drop off or storage point. Try to donate an item to any local auctions that might happen and make sure that the fact is mentioned on your promotional materials and the auction’s.

 Teach if you can

Try to hold a class where you will be able to teach those interested in the community something that has to do with your field of trade. When you offer to teach people about what you do, it is an indication that you yourself is an expert on the topic and it will uphold the reputation of your business as a whole.