Here is what you need to know before you invest in getting an underground pipe locator:

1. Research is the most important factor before you purchase something. Even when you are purchasing an nice underground pipe locator, make sure you are researching not only about the manufacturer but also the factory authorized representative selling you the required equipment. Make sure you purchase the equipment from someone who has a website as well which will allow you to visit all the line locators’ equipment available.

2. It is important to know that when you are purchasing an underground pipe locator for sale, you are not just purchasing the equipment but also get a free on – site demo for using it rather than just a manual or CD for its use. Also, make sure that the customer care representative is available at all times so that if you are in problem, they may be able to help you whenever needed.

3. There may be upgrades in the models and types of pipe locators, therefore, even if you are purchasing the pipe locators from your regular manufacturer, you may still need free demonstrations as there may be some changes in the usability of the technology. Of course, everyone looks out for the most advanced technology for their workers but know that with advanced technology comes a technical aspect.

4. Ensure that you ask the representative or the manufacturer about the various power levels and frequencies in the equipment you are purchasing as this helps in locating difficult and long range locates. These features are highly beneficial and can cut off fault finding capabilities time in less than what you actually do.

5. Get an underground system that is upgradable because having one that is upgradable allows you to eliminate the process of sending in the system to the service center and eventually result in cutting down the process time. Another important thing to note is to ensure that this is a free upgrade and consists of a multi – year warranty.

6. Always be sure that the representative has immense knowledge about the industry therefore, it is essential to ask about the following details;
– Bleed over effect

– Current direction

– Measurement

– What frequencies are required that will meet your needs

– Grounding procedures

In short, this will allow you to know that you are working with an organization that knows about your work and will help you in finding your needs.
7. Since you want to go for the best of the best technology, know that it comes with a good cost. In today’s economy, cost it an important factor to think about but make sure that if you are paying a heavy amount for the product you require, it offers you the desired features too.