As an employer if you want your employees to work better, you need to able to provide them with a workspace that allows them to be better employees. And this involves looking in to each and every little detail and its effects. Here are some such factors you should be paying attention to, to create such workspaces.

The color tones

You would be surprised to know that color plays a huge role in creating an ideal co-working space in an office. When you are choosing colors to coat your walls in your office, don’t ever blindly choose colors instead pay attention to what works best in motivating people to work better. It has been found that colors like green and blue work best at improving focus and efficiency within the minds of people, while yellow is an ideal shade to promote positivity. However, do make sure that you stay away from picking colors like orange or red as they are said to be rather distracting to the minds. You could also add in extra little colorful details as well, to incorporate a much more appealing look to the overall workstation.

Lighting is key

In a serviced office Singapore space, lighting is key. Knowing how well you can bend the natural light to your advantage can also help in reducing the cost of electricity you would have to bear at the end of the month.  However, you need to also keep in mind that the strength or power of the lighting also affects a person’s ability to work. The dimmer it is, the worse the people work, yet if it too bright as well, they wouldn’t be able to concentrate. So maintaining a balance between the use of artificial and natural lighting is another key factor you should focus on to create a healthy workspace.


As the employer if you want your employees to feel like they are a part of the team and that they belong, you need to encourage them to personalize their workstation in a way where it would automatically motivate them to work better. the more you see yourself in your workstation, the better you can work. You could also try incorporating paintings, company logo and other company related mementos, little pots and such to create the personalized look you are aiming at achieving.

Remove clutter

You need provide your employees with enough workspace so that they can organize all that they need better. In addition to that, you should also contribute to provide them with decluttering means that they could use to limit all those unwanted files and such. Set up storing cabinets, or have paper shredders in and around the office and encourage employees to have all necessary files on cloud instead of hardcopies. This would help the decluttering process better!

Consider the above tips and design the perfect workstation for your employees to work in!